Influencer & Entrepreneur Training – Print, Audio and Video

Our students benefit from detailed user manuals, written by industry experts, are intended to give you pragmatic and easy to follow step-by-step assistance on your path to influencer mastery.
Worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets will guide you through the process of business development, niche and audience selection and channel strategy.
Insightful videos and encouraging podcasts will accelerate your learning, instruct you how to attract and engage more followers.

Training, Coaching
& Mentoring

Many of our learners choose the support of our professional trainers, coaches and mentors, either in group-coaching-calls or even one-2-one. We have specialists for each area of study and channel, including Psychology, Marketing, Copy-writing, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing etc.

Content is King – Copy Writing DIY or Done 4 You

To be truly successful as an Influencer you need to be focused on creating and posting valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract, engage and retain your clearly defined audience. Only then will you be able to encourage customer action. Learn methods, how to write your content with ease.

For those who have a main job or other commitments, that may a big challenge. Here, we may assist you with content right for your niche- done for you.

Apply for Sponsorship

In co-operation with industry leading best practice partners we can now offer sponsorship towards the tuition fees.

Currently, our carefully selected sponsors in the niches: 1) Health & Fitness 2) Self Development and 3) Financial Services are offering lucrative affiliate marketing programs and bursaries, especially for NANO and MICRO influencers.

To apply, just click HERE and fill in the short application form to help us to get to know you. Tell us about yourself, your motivation, your passion and vision, your niche and target audience. – APPLY HERE